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  The International Driver's License allows you to drive in
any of the 160 plus UN Countries...
  Call us at 1-800-217-0064
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  • What is an International Driver's License?
  • Who is eligible for an International Driving License?
  • How do I get an International Driving License and how long does it take to process my application?
  • How do I apply for IDL document via regular mail?
  • How can I make a payment for IDL document?
  • What are the benefits of carrying an IDL abroad?
  • May a person with a revoked or suspended Driver's License operate a vehicle?
  • Can someone from a foreign country visiting the U.S. purchase an IDL? Can I apply from outside of the U.S.?
  • What is the proof of documentation do I need in order to apply?
  • What photo specifications should be acknowledged when applying for IDL documents or submitting an application via mail?
  • What happens if I receive a violation ticket or confiscation of my IDL document?
  • Is this IDL document a valid form of identification and/or replaces my government issued Driver's License?
  • How long is the International Driver’s License good for?
  • Who may apply with expired government issued driver’s license?
  • Which categories do I select for my IDL document?
  • Having problems uploading attachments to your online application?
  • How can I renew my IDL document?
  • How can I replace my IDL document or request a duplicate copy?
  • What is the IDL Insurance Protection Plan?
  • What is a Non-Government ID Card and how much does it cost?
  • What is your agency’s Return Policy?
  • What is your Privacy and Security? Will the submitted information by customers be protected and kept confidential?
  • Can a payment be submitted over the phone?
  • What are the correct procedures to become an Agent?
  • What are the Shipping methods and process provided?
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